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The Belgium Warehouse

Expand your reach into Europe with HLP Distribution European warehousing services. We proudly operate a strategically located warehouse in Belgium, serving as a central hub for efficient distribution across Europe. Our extensive network and expertise in international logistics enable us to seamlessly ship your goods to destinations throughout the continent.


Our warehouse in Belgium offers a secure and optimised storage solution for your products, ensuring they are well-maintained and easily accessible. With advanced inventory management systems in place, we provide accurate tracking and real-time visibility of your inventory.


By leveraging our European warehousing services, you can reduce shipping costs, minimize transit times, and improve overall operational efficiency. Our dedicated team of logistics professionals ensures seamless coordination and execution of your distribution requirements.


Choose HLP Distribution as your trusted partner for European warehousing services, and unlock new market opportunities. Whether you're targeting customers in Belgium, neighboring countries, or across Europe, we have the capabilities to support your business expansion. Contact us today to discuss your specific warehousing and shipping needs, and let us help you streamline your European operations.


Avenue de L,ENERGIE 26

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